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A Brief Introduction

Scuderia Alitalia is the hottest new racing team this side of the Atlantic. From the land of the supercar, the same region as prestigious marques like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati, Scuderia Alitalia's base in Parma will see the resurrection of another legendary manufacturer to their former glory - Lancia.


Our Core Values

  • Scuderia Alitalia will reflect the Lancia brand by striving for excellence in all aspects of the way the team is run.
  • Every component, from the driver, to the management, to the mechanic and even janitor, must be in perfect harmony to achieve success.
  • Mistakes are the best opportunities to learn. Our past has made us stronger, and we will apply the lessons we have learned.



the starting grid

Latest from the blog

Scuderia Alitalia are happy to announce that two members of their young driver programme have found seats in F3RWRS. After lengthy negotiations, Lorenzo Crescenzi has secured the second seat at Christopherson Racing, after his planned F2RWRS programme fell through.